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Our Story

Pooja Notiyal - CEO & Founder

Pooja is the root of Six Sigma who has trained and nurtured a small startup to a full-fledged event management firm in just about three years. Evidently, 15 years of event management experience paved the way for tremendous growth of not just the company but also the employees. By qualification, Pooja has a graduate's degree in hotel management and a master's degree in tourism, but her heart is set in creative strategy and conceptualization. It wasn't long before her efficiency and dedication brought Six Sigma to where it is today. Well Pooja certainly isn't all work and no play. The lady loves to travel and run. Although I' m not entirely sure whether designing property and event concepts in her leisure hour is counted as work or play.

Events, exhibitions and entertainment. A truck load of work but a whole lotta fun.

Behind all that jazz, what you need for a successful event is expertise, excellence and of course exceptional service. Enter Six Sigma - your go-to event management company for creative, innovative, and quick solutions.

Conceptualized in 2014, our modern approach comes from a company founded in the era of millennial rule. With the blessings and support of our Ad Guru and mentor, Mr Prahlad Kakkar, Six Sigma set out on its journey to come even close to his creative genius. Having learnt from the best, we strive to exceed our services to perfection.

There's passion, motivation and determination in each of our Six Sigma professionals which has helped them master research, ideation, planning, and vendor management and negotiation skills. It is these skills that assist in transforming your event into a memorable experience.

So, the next time you think events, think Six Sigma.